Chandran K C Explains Homeopathy As Molecular Imprints Therapeutics (MIT)

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‘Homeopathy Is Nanomedicine’- An Irrational Claim That Contradicts Verified Scientific Knowledge System

Some homeopaths try to appear ‘scientific’, by claiming homeopathy is nanomedicie. This trend has become somewhat like a fashion after the publication of IIT -B research which claims detection of ‘nanoparticles’ in potentized drugs. A lot of new imaginative theories are being proposed, which try to present wonderful ‘models’ for mechanism of action of potentized …

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Learn About Nanotoxicity Concerns Before Prescribing Biochemic Salts Indiscriminately

I am posting this article on “Nanotoxicity”, extracted from Wilikipedia, in order to invite the attention of homeopaths using frequently administered large doses of BIOCHEMIC SALTS. Latest studies show that molecules contained in the biochemic salts are converted into ‘nanoparticles’ through the process of TRITURATION. If it is right that the triturated biochemic salts contain …

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