Chandran K C Explains Homeopathy As Molecular Imprints Therapeutics (MIT)

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Similarity Of ‘Functional Groups’ Of Drug Molecules And Pathogenic Molecules Determines ‘Similimum”

To understand the real science behind the phenomena of ‘similia similibus curentur’, ‘drug proving’ and ‘potentization’, we should study drug substances in terms of not only their ‘constituent molecules’, but in terms of ‘functional groups’ and ‘moieties’ of those drug molecules. A drug substance is composed of diverse types of drug molecules. A drug molecule …

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MIT Explains ‘Directions of Cure’ In Terms Of ‘Cascading Of Pathological Molecular Errors’ Studied By Modern Biochemistry.

Some simple observations of Hahnemann and Hering regarding the process of cure were later named by Kent as hering’s laws, and raised to the status of ‘fundamental laws’ of homeopathy. Our teachers, who were mostly kentians, promoted these ‘laws’ as an ‘essential’ aspect of cure, and propagated the idea that every genuine homeopathic cures should …

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