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Finding Similimum Using ‘Peculiar Combinations’ Of Physical And Mental Symptoms

I always search for PECULIAR COMBINATIONS of symptoms in my patients, which in most occasions lead to wonderful cures. Kindly note, I am saying “peculiar combinations” of symptoms- not ‘peculiar symptoms’.

Take a most prominent PHYSICAL symptom in the patient. Then take a prominent MENTAL symptom. Repertorize using QUICK PICK tool of Similimum Ultra Software. If it leads to a SINGLE drug, work is done!. This is my method of prescribing by PECULIAR COMBINATION OF SYMPTOMS.

Here I am reporting a chronic case of backache in a 45year old woman. A characteristic modality of her
backache was that she got relief by bending backwards.

She also revealed a very peculiar mental symptom: when she was on her bed for sleep, suddenly a fear creeps into her mind that if she sleeps, she will never wake up from that sleep. She spent many whole nights without closing her eyes due to this fear of falling into sleep. This delusion has made her life miserable, even though she did not reveal this fear even to her husband. All of them considers it as ‘sleeplessness’.

I felt this is a very peculiar uncommon symptom that may lead me to her prescription. I started to scroll through repertories for this rubric, and finally located the following one matching to her symptom:

[Kent]Mind : FEAR : Sleep : To close the eyes lest he should never wake:- Aeth.

To my great surprise, I noticed that her peculiar modality ‘backache amel by bending backwards’ is also covered by AETHUSA. See this rubric:

[Kent]Back : PAIN : Bending : Backward : Amel.:- Acon., Aeth., Am-m., Bell., Cycl., Eupi., Fl-ac., Hura., Lach., Petr., Puls., Rhus-t., Sabad., Sabin., Sil.

Satisfied with this wonderful combination of two rubrics, I decided to ignore all other symptoms, and selected AETHUSA as her similimum. Her backache and mental agony was totally cured with AETHUSA. I used a few doses of PULS also later, considering her constitutional symptoms.

Making a perfect prescription using only two symptoms, one mental symptom and a particular modality may seem to be unbelievable- but here is the beauty of homeopathy.

This prescription demonstrates how PECULIAR COMBINATIONS of symptoms lead us to a right remedy without much effort. I would suggest young homeopaths to try this method for a successful clinical practice.


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