Chandran K C Explains Homeopathy As Molecular Imprints Therapeutics (MIT)

Talking ‘Energy’ Medicine’ – An Attempt To Cover Up Lack Of Essential Knowledge In Basic Sciences

Without a baseline knowledge of biochemistry- especially the mechanism of ‘ligand-target’ interactions of biological molecules, molecular basics of pathology, molecular inhibitions and dynamics of ‘cure’ as removal of molecular inhibitions, you cannot follow the scientific explanation of similia similibus curentur.

Without a scientific perspective of molecular composition of drug substances, and the molecular mechanism by which the drug substances interact with biological organism to produce pathological inhibitions and symptoms, you cannot follow the scientific explanations of drug proving.

Without getting yourselves introduced to the latest information regarding supra-molecular properties of water and ethyl alcohol, hydrogen bonding, hydration shells, supra-molecular nano-structures, guest-host complexes, molecular imprinting in polymers and related subjects, you cannot follow the scientific explanations of potentization in terms of ‘molecular imprinting’.

Scientific understanding of homeopathy, similar to any rational science of medicine, should be primarily based on the realization of ‘life’ as a ‘material’ phenomenon. Living world represents a higher level of organization of same elemental factors existing in the non-living world, an advanced stage of its evolution that happened through millions of years.

‘Living organism’ is a highly complex and self-regulated material system that exists through ‘vital processes’ or metabolic processes, consisting of systematic chains of inter-dependant biochemical pathways of complex molecular interactions, enabling an unhindered flow and conversion of matter and energy between organism and its environment that ensures the existence of life.

Phenomena of ‘mind’ and ‘mental faculties’ are the ‘functional’ products of complex biochemical molecular processes happening in the central nervous system, which is an integral part of ‘body’, and as such, mind has no existence free from the material body.

If you cannot understand this basic scientific perspective of ‘life’, ‘vital processes’ and ‘mind’, you cannot follow the scientific explanations of homeopathy.

In the absence of these essential basic scientific knowledge, you will go on talking about ‘energy medicine’, vital force, dynamic drug energy, spiritual healing, vibrations, resonance, distance healing and such diverse unscientific and pseudo-scientific things, and continue to make homeopathy and homeopaths a subject of unending mockery and ridicule before the scientific community. And of course, you will go on declaring homeopathy is the ultimate science, hahnemann is the greatest scientist, and modern science is lagging far behind homeopathy!
 ENERGY MEDICINE nonsense is based on the concept of IMMATERIAL vibrations, immaterial FORCES, immaterial FREQUENCIES, immaterial RESONANCE and such things, which contradict our existing scientific knowledge system. That is why they talk about DRUG ENERGY without any DRUG MOLECULES, which act from DISTANCE dynamically. I know it a futile exercise to talk science to those who do not know the basic lessons of science.

A particle represents a specific ‘quantum equilibrium’ of forces. Once this ‘equilibrium’ is lost beyond certain limits, it cannot exist as it is- it will have to get divided into smaller particles, or modified to another structure. Every particle of matter vibrates in an attempt to resist external forces, and to maintain its specific internal balance of forces or quantum equilibrium. Whenever some extra force from an external source try to disturb its equilibrium, it vibrates more, in order to shed off the extra force, and retains equilibrium. That means, vibrations or motions are processes related with maintaining Quantum Equilibrium of particles. When a particle sheds of extra forces, that extra force will obviously be transmitted to other particles nearby, since force cannot exist free from matter particles. That is why motion of an object set other objects also into motion, which we call ‘resonance’.

When our vocal chords vibrate using extra forces transmitted into it by the energy generated in the mitochondria of muscle cells, that vibrations shed off forces to produce vibration in the air. Those vibrations in air travels through air or any medium as waves. It affects our body, when these vibrations reach their. Various neurochemicals in the cells in our skin is activated, and these vibrations are converted into chemical signals, which travels to brain, producing a cascading of chemical changes which we experience as SENSATIONS as well MENTAL processes. Vibrations belonging to specific frequencies activate neurochemicals in our internal ears, which are transmitted to certain centers of brain through auditory nerves, which produces the sensation of HEARING, and followed by generation of mental images associated with it.

ALL the vibrations entering our body from environment can affect the biochemical processes in our body in different ways. They can have disease-causing and disease-curing effects.

Most important point to be noted is, VIBRATIONS are physical motion of matter particles, which can be transmitted through a material medium, and its effects on our body are purely BIOCHEMICAL. There is no IMMATERIAL vibrations. Nothing immaterial, divine or spiritual in these sounds or its effects. No saint can chant mantra if there is no air to be set into motion by the motion of his vocal chords. Even if he saint chants any holy mantra of whatever intensity, it can be transmitted only through MATERIAL medium such as air. His mantra will not travel through vaccum, or affect anybody if there is no a MATERIAL medium to carry it forward to a listener.

Regarding the possibility of DNA changes or PROGRAMING by sounds as some people imagine to happen, it seems to be an exaggerated fancy. Better to say BIOCHEMICAL changes. EVEN if any effects are produced in our bodies by material vibrations of various frequencies, they are BIOCHEMICAL effects produced by PHYSICAL motion of MATTER particles. There is nothing IMMATERIAL or SPIRITUAL in this phenomenon.


  1. You have just snatched my words. Without knowledge of inhibitor, ligand, molecular medicine and biochemistry homeopathy cannot be properly understood. Please go through my research article Hahnemann was the father of modern ‘Molecular Medicine’ at
    Dr Sanjib Chattopadhyay


  2. Even most of the homeopaths who are obtaining qualification in after 10+2 also under go such illusion that the energy medicine, water memory and predicting some thing in Homoeopathy or predictive Homoeopathy. How to deal with such qualified uneducated people when they fool general public by pseudo theories is not understood. More over most of the qualified homeopathy doctors being medical people who believe these false theories and follow the preachers of such theories is a very pathetic.


  3. It is a fact that the basis everything in life depends on the chemicals, its absence, alteration in levels, or reactions as and when occurs. Every activity in the life can definitely explained with bio chemistry. I am sure a serious attempt to streamline these functions can provide an answer to every Homoeopath’s longstanding doubt!!!!!. Dr. B. Vijayakumar


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