Chandran K C Explains Homeopathy As Molecular Imprints Therapeutics (MIT)

Would You Say, My Grandson With 100% Congenital Hearing Impairment Was Cured By ‘Placebo Effect’?

One of my grandsons was diagnosed to be 100 percent  congenitally hearing impaired when he was 6 months old. Once we noticed the baby is not responding to sound, BERA test was done at MIMS hospital, Kozhikode, Kerala, a medical center of international standards in facilities as well as excellence.  They advised immediate cochlear implant, and they warned that unless it is done immediately, the child will become totally deaf and dumb.

The infant was having a complaint of infantile myoclonus since birth, which was treated by myself homeopathically and completely relieved by the time he was three months old.

Then we went to Sree Chithra Institute in Trivandrum, another world-class speciality medical center in India, and the tests ensured that he was not epileptic.

Next we went to the premier institution All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore India. They also confirmed the earlier diagnosis of 100% hearing loss, and strongly advised immediate cochlear implanting.

Having observed the bad shapes of many cochlear implanted cases, I decided to give homeopathy a chance. Under my treatment the hearing gradually improved, and now he is a normal baby, with almost normal speech and hearing. Treatment is still continuing. He is now 3 years old. Latest BERA test shows that hearing impairment is only 10% now.

Most prominent symptoms I noticed in the baby were:

Persistent bending of head backwards, especially when we bring him to open air.

Excessive perspiration

Very happy and playful while bathing, especially in cold water

Frequent urination, especially daytime

Very flabby skin and muscles.

Will not allow to cover him

Infantile myoclonus < while falling asleep and motion

Electric shock like jerking of limbs while falling asleep

Makes shrieking noises while asleep

Frequent weeping while asleep

While spots on various parts of body


Using SIMILIMUM ULTRA Software, I selected following 19 rubrics from KENT REPERTORY-
1. [Kent]Hearing : IMPAIRED
2. [Kent]Hearing : IMPAIRED : Bending head backward amel
3.[Kent]Generalities : BATHING : Cold : Desire for
4. [Kent]Mind : WEEPING, tearful mood, etc. : Sleep : In
5. [Kent]Mind : LAMENTING, bemoaning, wailing etc. (compare weeping): Asleep, while
6. [Kent]Mind : SHRIEKING : Sleep : During
7. [Kent]Skin : FLABBINESS
8. [Kent]Generalities : FLABBY feeling
9. [Kent]Generalities : SHOCKS : Electric-like
10. [Kent]Generalities : SHOCKS : Electric-like : Sleep : On going to
11. [Kent]Extremities-I : JERKING : Upper limbs : Falling asleep, on
12. [Kent]Generalities : MOTION
13. [Kent]Generalities : BATHING : Cold : Amel
14. [Kent]Generalities : HOT REMEDIES (Gibson Miller’s
15. [Kent]Perspiration : PROFUSE
16. [Kent]Skin : DISCOLORATION : White
17. [Kent]Skin : DISCOLORATION : White : Spots
18. [Kent]Bladder : URINATION : Frequent
19. [Kent]Bladder : URINATION : Frequent : Daytime

Then, similar rubrics were combined to make single rubrics, there by only following 10 rubrics remained for repertorization:

1. [Kent]Hearing : IMPAIRED+[Kent]Hearing : IMPAIRED : Bending head backward amel
2. Kent]Generalities : BATHING : Cold : Desire for+ [Kent]Generalities : BATHING : Cold : Amel
3. [Kent]Bladder : URINATION : Frequent+ [Kent]Bladder : URINATION : Frequent : Daytime
4. [Kent]Skin : DISCOLORATION : White+ [Kent]Skin : DISCOLORATION : White : Spots
5. [Kent]Perspiration : PROFUSE
6. [Kent]Generalities : HOT REMEDIES (Gibson Miller’s)
7. [Kent]Mind : WEEPING, tearful mood, etc. : Sleep : In+ [Kent]Mind : LAMENTING, bemoaning, wailing etc. (compare weeping) : Asleep, while+ [Kent]Mind : SHRIEKING : Sleep : During
8. [Kent]Generalities : SHOCKS : Electric-like+ [Kent]Generalities : SHOCKS : Electric-like : Sleep : On going to + [Kent]Extremities-I : JERKING : Upper limbs : Falling asleep, on
9. [Kent] Skin : FLABBINESS+ [Kent]Generalities : FLABBY feeling
10. [Kent] Generalities: MOTION

Rubrics were then graded using GRADE RUBRICS tool.

Repertorization was done using TOTALITY method and COMBINED METHOD. Both gave FFLUORIC ACID as the similimum beyond doubt.

Repertorisation Result – Totality Method: Totality Using – All Symptoms: Fl-ac.(61/10), Sulph.(57/9), Apis.(55/9), Nat-m.(52/8), Ars.(50/8), Puls.(50/8), Calc.(49/8), Lyc.(48/7), Phos.(48/8),

Repertorisation Result – Combined Method: Eliminate Using – Selected Symptoms: Totality Using – All Symptoms: Fl-ac.(61)

A very characteristic symptom I noticed was the “bending of head backwards”. Since there was no weakness of neck or any difficulty in holding neck straight, this bending backward seemed to be very peculiar. I think the baby got some faint sound signals when bending head backward. His eye movements indicated he is listening to some sounds.

Hence, “Hearing: IMPAIRED: Bending head backward amel” can be considered a peculiar characteristic symptom in this case, for which only ACID FLUOR is given in KENT REPERTORY

A few doses of SYPHILINUM were given intercurrently. A few doses of SILICEA were also given, since it is considered to be the complementary of ACID FLUOR.

I think this single case my greatest achievement in my whole life.  My long years of dedication to homeopathy is amply rewarded by the happy outcome of this case which saved my family from a grave state of misfortune.


  1. Hello Sir,
    My baby is 2 years old and is diagonised 1 year before with severe to profound hearing loss and doctors have recommended to go in for co-chlear implant.bera test says she is deaf n dumb as your grandson condition . Just was curious to know if there is any remedy available in homeopathy and is there a chance that things can get better with Homeopathy?n you mention plz medicine name.plz i m very worried about her. thank u


  2. Chandran Nambiar

    I just remembered this wonderful case just now, when my grand son mentioned in the article spoke me over phone just now. I cry with joy whenever he talks to me over phone. He is just 4 years old now, asked many questions to me and answered my questions very clearly over phone, just like any normal child of that age. He sang some nursery rhymes also, to impress me. Thanks homeopathy, for this unforgettable gift it offered to our family, saving us from a great disaster. This case is my greatest ever-live answer to all skeptics who declare homeopathy is mere ‘magic water’, placebo, quackery and belief.


  3. Archana

    Hello Sir,

    My baby is 10 months old and is diagonised with severe to profound hearing loss and doctors have recommended to go in for co-chlear implant.OAE test says OAE’s are missing. Just was curious to know if there is any remedy available in homeopathy and is there a chance that things can get better with Homeopathy?

    Looking forward to hearing from you


    • Chandran Nambiar

      If your baby is below 1 year of age, I think there is hope. But the problem is, there is no ‘disease-specific’ solutions in homeopathy. Prescriptions and approach are totally ‘individual-specific’. Personal observation is very important in deciding prescription. If you can locate a well qualified, experienced homeopath with in your reach, he can help him.


  4. Chandran Nambiar

    A few months back now, the improvement came to a standstill. Then I noticed very characteristic symptom appearing in him. He would simply repeat every questions asked to him. Based on this peculiar symptom, I gave him a few doses of ZINC MET 30. There after the improvement was really wonderful. His hearing and speech is almost normal now


  5. Sir, very good work, excellent result, this shows our ability & where is our limitations…
    i want to clarify still detail abt your administrations of, syplinium & silica.. can u present in detail with date, when u prescribed these drugs, and clear follow up pls


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