Chandran K C Explains Homeopathy As Molecular Imprints Therapeutics (MIT)

Using Mother Tinctures and Low Potencies(below 12c) Cannot be Considered As Genuine Homeopathic Practice

We know that many homeopathic practitioners prescribe plenty of mother tinctures and  low potency preparations. They do very successful ‘practice’ also. But, I am a bit suspicious regarding the desirability of using mother tinctures and low potencies, especially in a routine way for long terms.

It may relieve some of the symptoms, of course. But such relief is allopathic- not homeopathic. Chances of emerging new pathological conditions really exist in such a treatment protocol.

We must not forget that the symptomatologies provided in our materia medica give the list of symptoms that can be generated in healthy persons by the use of these drugs in crude form.  Indiscriminate long-term use of mother tinctures containing plant enzymes, poisonous alkaloids, glycosides and various other phyto-chemical ingredients is an  unpardonable  crime even if it is done in the name of homeopathy. The drug molecules and ions contained in these tinctures might give temporary relief  by nutritional supplementation, or competitive relationship to pathological  molecules due to configurational similarity. But it is evident from their symptomatologies  that those molecules and ions are capable of creating dangerous pathological molecular inhibitions in various bio-chemic channels in the organism. We should never forget that the subjective and objective symptoms provided in our material medica were created by the molecular deviations happened in healthy individuals during drug proving. Hence in my opinion, it is ideal to treat patients using potencies above  12c, which do not contain any trace of the drug molecules of the original drug. If our selection of drug is correct, there is no any chance of failure in such a protocol. Other wise, it will have to be considered as identical to Ayurveda, Allopathy or Herbal treatment. Those who indulge in excessive use of mother tinctures, without bothering  about the constituent drug  molecules and their adverse long term impacts on the organism, are more hazardous to human health than our allopathic counterparts. I humbly request them to think over.

From our materia medica works, it may be understoodthat most of  those people who had participated in proving of  Hydrastis Canadensis developed symptoms of gastric ulcer and hyperacidity along with many other deep seated pathological conditions. Doctors who administer large doses of Hydrastis Tincture to relive gastric symptoms as part of homeopathic treatment should note this point . Of course, we may get temporary relief, by the way of competitive relationships with pathological molecules, due to configurational similarity of drug molecules and pathological molecules. The prolonged use of Hydrastis Tincture not only produce the symptoms mentioned in the materia medica,  but may even induce very serious genetic errors to happen. If  hydrastis is the similimum forthe patient, it will be effective in high potencies. This is real homeopathy.

Please do not be provoked when I say that who give Passiflora for inducing sleep, Rauwolfia for lowering blood pressure and Syzijium for high blood sugar in their tincture form, are not practicing ideal Homeopathy even if they may be wellk nown Homeopaths, producing results.  No homeopath with some common sense, who had carefully read the material medica of Alfalfa will dare to prescribe it as tonics to improve the appetite and general health of innocent children. It is evident from its symptomatology that Alfalfa is capable of producing diabetes, bulimia, and upsetting the normal functioning of kidneys.

Please read the provings of calc fluor and calc phos. They were the symptoms produced in healthy individuals by the action of those substances in molecular form. Symptoms cannot be produced without some molecular level changes in the organism. That means, molecular forms of those substances were capable of producing some harmful changes in biological processes. How can you think those drugs will not produce harmful effects in molecular forms. Fact is fact, what ever people think about them, or what are practiced so far.

We should remember that there was no exact knowledge regarding the long term evil effects of many drugs, when many of them were proved and their materia medica prepared. There was least knowledge about the genetic disorders they were likely to produce. It is found in Boecricke Materiamedica that Arsenic Bromide Mother Tincture is indicated for Diebetes. No physician with scientific awareness will even think of prescribing it today.Who will now dare to prescribe Ars iod 3x, Iodum 3x, Sulphur Q, or various compounds of Mercury and Lead only because they are found in our text books of Materia Medica?

We know of homeopaths who make their patients consume for prolonged periods, the mother tinctures of several drugs, including various patented combinations flooding the market in the name of Homeopathy. How can Homeopaths prescribe them without any prick of conscience? Those who love homoeopathy should take urgent initiative to prevent such tendencies either through awareness programs and campaigns, or through stringent legislational procedures.

How the mother tinctures differ from potentized drugs in their mechanism of therapeutic action, and why potentized drugs are more safe and effective than mother tinctures?

Not only potentized drugs, but mother tinctures and crude drugs also can act as ‘similimum’. But the molecular mechanisms of their therapeutic actions and ultimate outcome are fundamentally different from each other.

Drug molecules contained in mother tinctures and crude drugs ‘compete’ with pathogenic molecules having similar molecular configuration in binding to biological molecules and displace them, thereby relieving biological molecules from pathological inhibitions. By this ‘competitive’ relationship to pathogenic molecules, mother tinctures and crude drugs can act as similimum and produce therapeutic results.

‘Molecular imprints’ contained in potentized drugs act by an entirely different molecular mechanism. Molecular imprints binds directly to the pathogenic molecules having configurational affinity and deactivate them, thereby relieving biological molecules from pathological inhibitions. This is the molecular mechanism involved in the therapeutic action of potentized drugs.

Most notable difference is, drug molecules act as similimum by ‘competitive’ relationship toward pathogenic molecules, whereas ‘molecular imprints’ act by ‘complementary’ relationship.

Since crude drugs and mother tinctures contain drug molecules that can act upon biological molecules, they can also bind to various biological targets in the organism. Obviously, there is always chance for creation of new molecular inhibitions and drug-induced pathologies when we use crude drugs and mother tinctures. That is the draw back of using mother tinctures even if they are similimum.

Advantage of potentized drugs is that they do not contain any drug molecules, but only molecular imprints, which are only supra-molecular clusters of water and alcohol molecules. They can act upon pathogenic molecules only, not upon biological molecules. As such, potentized drugs cannot do any further harm to organism.

What will happen when SIMILIMUM is used in CRUDE forms or MOLECULAR forms? How their action will be different from that of potentized forms?
A drug is said to be similimum to a case when the SYMPTOMS produced by the disease in the patient is similar to the symptoms that drug could produce in a person without any disease. That means, the drug and the ‘disease-causing agents’ contain some ‘chemical molecules’ or ‘functional groups’ that are SIMILAR in conformations so that they could bind to SIMILAR molecular targets in the organism and produce SIMILAR molecular inhibitions that are expressed through SIMILAR subjective and objective symptoms.

When we apply MOLECULAR FORMS of similimum in the patient, drug molecules COMPETE with pathogenic molecules for binding to the SAME biological target molecules. According to the dynamics of biochemistry, such a competitive relationship of drug molecules and pathogenic molecules may result in the removal of inhibitions, if the affinity of drug molecules toward biological targets is higher than the affinity of pathogenic molecules. That means, CRUDE forms of SIMILIMUM may in certain instances CURE the disease by COMPETITIVE molecular mechanism.

It should be noted that the DRUG molecules cannot remove the molecular inhibitions if the they are overpowered by pathogenic molecules regarding their AFFINITY towards biological targets so that the COMPETITION is not effective. This fact explains why CRUDE forms of SIMILIMUM fail in curing the disease in most occasions.

Another point to be noted that the CRUDE drug substance contain diverse types of chemical molecules that can bind to various unexpected molecular targets in the organism and produce new molecular inhibitions in them. This fact explains the phenomena known as SIDE EFFECTS and BAD EFFECTS of drugs commonly experienced when using MOLECULAR FORMS of drug substances. That is why I keep on saying that using of mother tinctures and low potencies are undesirable and dangerous.

SIMILIMUM potentized above 12c contain no drug molecules, but only MOLECULAR IMPRINTS of drug molecules. When used as similimum, these molecular imprints act as ARTIFICIAL BINDING SITES or ARTIFICIAL LOCKS for the pathogenic molecules having similar functional groups. Due to this CONFORMATIONAL AFFINITY, they can selectively bind to the specific pathogenic molecules, and relieve the biological molecules from pathological inhibitions. This is the molecular mechanism involved in the therapeutic action of SIMILIMUM in potentized forms. Since they do not contain any chemical molecules other than water and ethyl alcohol, they cannot produce any unwanted molecular inhibitions or SIDE EFFECTS. That is why potentized drugs are said to be SAFE.

That is why we say only potentized drugs are GENUINE HOMEOPATHY, and safer than mother tinctures and molecular forms of drugs.

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